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LeadarZ Commitment from Small Businesses, Industry, Academia, and Individuals

LeadarZ knows that the ideas leading to breakthrough technologies in support of LeadarZ’s goals and objectives often start small. To amplify the pool of innovative proposal concepts it may receive, LeadarZ strongly encourages participation by all capable sources: small business, industry, academia, and individuals.
Become familiar with LeadarZ’s mission and philosophy to make essential investments in breakthrough technologies that will ensure
ongoing breakthrough in Quantum and various Science related Technologies.
LeadarZ will always inspire a culture of innovation and the ability to execute rapidly and effectively. To do this, LeadarZ will recruit individuals, who are at the top of their fields – from small business, industry, academia, and individuals.

LeadarZ Commitment from Small Businesses, Industry, Academia, and Individuals

Prior to submitting any decision-making summary, white paper, or proposal, please visit LeadarZ and initiate a discussion. In your message, use the Texas Tech University Research Development and Communications method of Heilmeier Catechism as a guide when forthcoming to LeadarZ with important questions to consider first:

1.What are you trying to do? Articulate your objectives using absolutely no jargon.
2. How is it done today, and what are the limits of current practice? Why are improvements needed? What are the consequences of doing nothing?
3. What is new in your approach and why do you think it will be successful? What preliminary work have you done? How have you tested your assumptions on a small scale?
4. Who may care? Identify your stakeholders. Who will benefit from your successful project?
5. If you’re successful, what difference will it make? What will your successful project mean for your research? For the infrastructure of your institution and future capabilities? For your discipline? Related disciplines? For society? For the funding agency? What applications are enabled as a result?
6.What are the risks and the payoffs? Why are the potential rewards worth the risk? What have you done to mitigate risk? What’s Plan B?
7. How much will it cost? How long will it take? Who needs to be involved to ensure success? What institutional resources need to be committed?
8. What is the midterm and final “exams” to check for success? How will you assess progress and make midcourse corrections? What are the metrics for success? How will you know you’re done?
LeadarZ’s leadership and all its members including the Science Advisory Committee is deeply appreciated for anyone and everyone that cares enough to help humanity to come forward and express their ideas. “May your ideas come alive!”

Thank you all so very much!