Safety is important because it helps protect people from accidents and injuries, while Security is important because it helps protect people from crime, violence and data breaches.

We understand that the most important topic of all is regarding the Safety and Security working at LeadarZ’s Quantum Research Lab.
The area of Safety and Security demands a robust type of plan. In that regard, before the Beta LeadarZ Site is finalized after receiving your
comments and suggestions, the Safety and Security rigid documented plan will be reviewed by Legal and posted with accommodating results
as planned.

As a commitment to ensure credibility and completeness to Safety and Security to protect, LeadarZ’s employees, customers, and partners, as
well as any relevant legal frameworks and industry standards that the company adheres to. A Security and Safety plan will be a formal
document where LeadarZ’s Policy and Procedures will include protecting and safeguarding personnel and all information
and sensitive company data that are documented. This Policy and set of Procedure’s documents will always be maintained with current laws
and regulations to also safeguard the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of its data while also mitigating any cyber threats.