Intellectual Property Rights

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Intellectual Property Rights

We understand that one of the important topics is regarding  intellectual property rights (IPR) for creations made by LeadarZ Research Lab scientists and potentially others. The area of IPR ownership can be complicated and requires careful consideration.  However, before the Beta LeadarZ Site is finalized after receiving your comments and suggestions the IPR Ownership will be reviewed by Legal and will post the accommodating results as planned.

As a commitment to ensure credibility and completeness to protecting intellectual property rights, LeadarZ plans to safeguard the intellectual
property of its employees, customers, and partners, as well as any relevant legal frameworks or industry standards that the company
adheres to. As an example, our Quantum Technologies team will bewell-situated to focus on all aspects of the intellectual property
protection for this highly specialized field. Intellectual property rights include: Patents, Trademarks, Trade Secrets, and CopyrightsSecuring Strong IP protections for LeadarZ’s team is essential to leveraging technology in the very competitive global marketplace.